Velvet Lips

How do I please my husband when your not that interested in sex like that and never was.

Velvet Lips responded on 12/06/2019

Well, since I don't know the context (were you ever interested in sex at all? or just never was with your husband? is it because you haven't had an orgasm? ...etc.), you please your husband by doing things that make him happy. The bottom line is, you should want to please your husband in many different ways and if you think penis-vagina sex (I'm assuming you are a woman) is the only way to please him, then you have limited yourself on what could be considered pleasurable. What are the things that make him happy? What are the things that you two can do together that make you both happy? What are the ways that you can bridge that sexual gap? (is it watching porn together while he masturbates in front of you? ...etc.) All it takes is being creative with your sexuality and finding things that the both of you can get joy from.

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