Velvet Lips

My hubby and I are exploring poly. Thru out our marriage he has had a disconnect with intimacy due to his upbringing. What are your thoughts on how sex or poly can help with healing?

Velvet Lips responded on 03/27/2015

The first step is in helping your husband and his connection with intimacy and sex with himself. The second step is to develop intimacy and sex with you, as well as boost your communication skills. You two need to feel comfortable with each other when it comes to exploring polyamory or else it will reek havoc on your relationship. I believe sex can definitely help with healing, but this needs to be developed first before you take on polyamory, in my professional opinion. Now, if you have already developed intimacy and sex and he is now comfortable, I believe that poly relationships can be healing when it comes to trust and developing communication skills, especially as it pertains to ethical polyamory. I believe polyamory can be absolutely fantastic when it comes to managing secondary sexual traumatic stress because you have other partners that can take away that stress and help with personal healing. 3 things you need: communication, peer support, and self-care. Good luck!

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