Velvet Lips

I actually have several questions pertaining to the Sex and Intimacy Event that I attended last night (Dec 3). First, is there not a public blog for feedback for this particular event? Because if so, I would like to make a formal public complaint about the rudeness of the speaker that I was subjected to. She seriously needs some sensitivity training. What is her name, Naima? Is there a way to get a refund, because I did not expect to waste $11.24 to be cursed at and ridiculed? Mind you, I was minding my business, walking out of Sevananda when "she" asked if I would attend "her" event. So, to be asked in front of a crowd of people why I was there, and for her to respond to my answer... "BULLSHIT!" Well... that was uncalled for. And for her to blurt out that my question to a Hot Seater was "SHALLOW AS SHIT" was, for a lack of a better work, RUDE! Why tell a group to ask strangers intimate questions, then be ridiculed for your question? What did that have to do with Better Sex & Intimacy?

Velvet Lips responded on 12/04/2014

Hello Susan- I apologize that you did not enjoy yourself at this event, however, per my company policy, I do not give refunds. However, I'd love for you to attend the next event for free, with the chance to win prizes. If you do not go to that event, I'd love to give you a discounted price on a ticket. I wrote about the experience on my Sexual Voyaging blog which you can respond to here: and her is Naima. Because I did not facilitate the workshop, I honestly can't answer your last two questions, but I encourage you to email her at so that she can answer your particular questions. I know that sometimes people have personality clashes and you may not end up enjoying the experience like you thought you would. I hope that you can make it out to future events with various facilitators to see which people you can learn from to grow and foster your own healthy sexuality.

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