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September 2019

Remembering This Day | New to Kink? | Sex Down South | Remember That Time When... | Cabin Getaway w/ Amour Getaways | Halloween with Carolina Friends | Sacred Sex At Sea | Where I'll Be 

Remembering This Day in 2001 (9/11)

Two days ago, I watched a detailed documentary about September 11, 2001.  It spoke about the hijackings and all the insider phone calls that were conducted while America was being under attack and it made me remember.  On this day, I woke up in San Francisco, panicked and in disbelief, as we tried to figure out if the Golden Gate Bridge was next and if we had to attend school that day.  Bodies falling and people jumping from the Twin Towers on the television is permanently seered into my brain.  Despite all of this country's faults, I love America and I love living here.  I'm proud of how in moments of tragedy, we can come together to celebrate the lives of those who have dedicated and given their life to ensure that I can continue with the way that I live my life.  If you are a service person, know that I appreciate everything that you do for our country and continue to do for our country.  You are loved and thank you for all of your hard work.

New to Kink? (Date Change)

Are you interested in doing something new and spicy in your sex life? Did 50 Shades of Grey pique your curiosity about relationships and kink? If you're interested in doing something new and fun in your life, this is a great introductory class to kick it up a notch! We will be going over

*types of consent
*how to negotiate a scene
*the most popular fetishes
*how to spank, choke, and slap properly, and
*the importance of aftercare

Join us for an afternoon of fun and experimentation! You will also get to enjoy 20% off anything in the store and 20% off your registration for Sex Down South!

Register Today! 

Sex Down South!

For those of you who didn't attend, Sex Down South was absolutely amazing!  We had over 500 people and a ton of events and everything was absolutely spectacular!  If you didn't attend, I hope you have a bad case of FOMO right now because you deserve it!  This was Tia and I's 5th year baby, and we can't wait to see it grow even more!  And don't worry, I'll definitely update you when we receive pictures!  [pictured above L to R: Marla, Tristan Taormino, Tia]

Remember That Time When…Or Creating Memorable Sexual Experiences in 5 Easy Steps

Sitting here and thinking about how it’s September 11, 2019, and remembering the tragedy of our country being attacked, the fact that we can remember is also a gift.  There are many people of the world who have acquired dementia or Alzheimer’s and are unable to remember, so if you have the ability to remember, don’t treat that lightly.

With that said, with such a gift to be able to remember, I’m sure that you remember some spectacular times that you’ve had sex and it was so impactful that you’ve replayed it in your head over and over again.

Sometimes they are phenomenal experiences, and sometimes they are the worst experiences, but either way, you always learn from such an impactful experience.

However, it’s really hard to recreate your favorite sexual experiences because we have to understand that they are in a different time and space, our bodies are different (physically, socially, and psychologically), and our responsibilities are different.  But that’s okay.

Remember, we can always create new and fun sexual experiences.  Here are 5 ways to do that:

Check out the rest of the blog HERE.

Couples' Getaway at Amour Getaways

Simply stunning! Modern, sophisticated, and grand this is a dreamy place to escape for a few days with your significant other and meet other lifestyle couples. Situated on an ultra secluded spot, the clothing optional cabins will feature all the creature comforts of home plus little surprises that make it charming.

Enjoy the gorgeous decorative touches throughout, large and open spaces and a flood of gorgeous natural light that fills the home with warmth and beauty. Tranquility with style!

Couples at all levels of the lifestyle are welcomed to attend. This will be a no-pressure event meant to relax, disconnect from your day to day responsibilities, and some bonus activities when the mood strikes! ....Including my Flirting and Squirting class! 


Halloween Lifestyle Convention w/ Carolina Friends

Are you ready for the biggest swingers convention of the Carolina's!?  I know I am!  I'm super excited to be a part of the main attractions at this amazing convention for couples in the South and beyond.  If you attend this convention, you'll have full access to ask me anything, teach you anything and interact with a ginormous amount of lovely couples and singles who are ready to have some good Halloween fun!  Come join me and the Carolina Friends for a  Halloween that you will never forget!  

Sacred Sex at Sea

Are you interested in learning more about sacred sexuality?  Would you like to learn more on a cruise?  I'm ecstatic about being at sea and teaching folks about what it means to be a part of the sacred sexuality world and teach people what they need to do to ensure that their life, not just their sex life, is filled with everything that they need.  The price is fantastic to get all the educators that will be in attendance and it's only $350 down.  You have plenty of time to pay it, so make plans to be there!  

Where I'll Be...

For those of you who would like to do in-person sessions and don't live in Atlanta or South Florida, this is where I'll be!

Oct. 4-6 - Berkeley Springs, WV (Amour Getaways)
Oct. 12-14 - Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Tantra Festival)
Oct. 25-26 - Charlotte, NC (Carolina Friends Swinger Convention)
Nov. 4-11 - Belize City, Belize (Vacation)

Jan. 19-25 - Sacred Sex At Sea
April 2-5 - Tucson, AZ (Southwest Lovefest)
April 6-8 - Albuqurque, NM (Self-Serve)
July 10-12 - Dallas, TX (Poly Dallas Millennium)
Sept. 10-12 - Atlanta, GA (Sex Down South Conference)

Cheers to your sexual success!  xoxo, marla


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